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    Panache Academie’s STELLAR curriculum kicks other STEAM programs out of the universe. Our students don’t just learn engineering – they combine it with digital art, including photography and editing to code and animate digital video projects. We don’t just teach students how to draw shapes and paint canvas – we teach them how to understand what lines, shapes, shading and color can do to create depth and perception. They don’t just learn about physics, chemistry and biology – they make some explosions of their own to chart evidence and prove theories (BOOM – “R”ithmetic and logic!). We don’t just teach them the songs to sing on a stage, we show them the inner workings of a scene – the production, the costume design, the casting and the interplay of characters. We even write our own plays using the vocabulary and spelling words associated with our themes (BAM – some of that “R”eading and “R”iting!).

    Does this sound like another after-school program or summer camp? NO!! We offer EXPERIENCE to your kids – we stoke their passions while providing an above and beyond learning experience in all area of STEAM enrichment! They will animate, they will paint, they will put on plays and YOU will know they are learning the three Rs all along!